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Stupid internet. Doesn't it always seem like you have the most internet issues when you are smack dab in the middle of something? Yeah, me too. As I was preparing today's books last night (and re-watching some awesome episodes of Archer), my internet unexpectedly went out. Ugh!

Things are back on track today and there shouldn't be any more hiccups. Enjoy these free true crime Kindle books as a way of forgetting about the missed posts today. Remember, sharing is caring so share the books and posts you like with friends and online groups that would enjoy them. Together, we can help indie authors.

free kindle book Wrongful Convictions: True Murder Cases Unbelievable Miscarriages of JusticeWrongful Convictions: True Murder Cases Unbelievable Miscarriages of Justice

by Jack Smith 

All throughout history, there have been more cases of people being convicted of murder, only to find out that they were innocent the whole time. In the most tragic of these cases, the true details of the grisly murders surfaced too late and the wrongfully convicted have already been murdered themselves. Read about a few of these tragic cases for yourself with this free Kindle book. 

Solving Cold Cases - Volume 2: True Crime Stories That Took Years to Crack

by Andrew J. Clark 

In a perfect world, every case brought to the attention of the police would be a quick open and shut deal. In an almost perfect world, the ones that weren't open and shut would be closed quickly. Unfortunately, our world is not even close to perfect.

Every day there are hundreds of cases added to the cold case files in stations all over the country. Some of these cases get reopened thanks to new technology or new evidence and the victims finally receive justice. 

free kindle book INSIDE (One Man's Experience of Prison) A True StoryINSIDE (One Man's Experience of Prison) A True Story

by John Hoskison 

In 1994, a successful golfer made a terrible mistake that cost one cyclist their life. This accident landed John Hoskins in prison and his life changed forever. Stuck within the walls of a drug rampant prison, the only thing that manages to pull John out of his depths of despair is an amazing act of kindness and forgiveness. 

free kindle book The Deadly Dozen America's 12 Worst Serial Killers The Deadly Dozen: America's 12 Worst Serial Killers 

by Robert Keller

There are always those on the fringe of normal society that have a particular hunger... for murder. Come along and read biographies and details of the crime committed by twelve of America's worst and most deadly serial killers. 

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