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We all love our mom's so much and thankfully, we have that one day where we can try to make up for all the crap and no-calls of the past 364 days and show mom that we really do care about her. As a way of saying thank you to all of the mothers out there today, I have put together a collection of free Amazon Kindle books that you can download and enjoy with your mom.

Happy Mother's Day!

Tales from the Crib

by Jennifer Coburn

"Jennifer Coburn's Tales From the Crib is a deliciously fun, laugh-out-loud read about one woman's journey toward motherhood. You won't be able to put this book down until you arrive at the final, satisfying page." 

- Emily Giffin, author of Something Blue

by Tracy Heath

The life of a mom is crazy and in today's increasingly social media-based culture, much of this craziness comes out in our posts and updates. Meet Tracy Heath, a busy mom and a lover of social media. Join Tracy as she shares some of her funniest, most interesting, and definitely craziest moments through her past social media posts. Download your copy for free today and start enjoying 
the little things that make motherhood so amazing.

Busy Mom's Guide to Creativity

by Bev Feldman

Creativity is an extremely important part of life. Even if you;re not a writer, artist, or some other sort of creative, you can still benefit from exploring your creative side. Help wake up your brain and explore your creative side with the free Kindle book aimed at helping busy mom's find that creative spark.

Affirmation Poetry for Expectant Mothers

by Elizabeth D. Gray 

This Mother's Day, show that mom-to-be how much you care with the free Amazon Kindle book full of beautiful poetry about the joys of  motherhood. Makes a great gift for mothers, grandmothers, and expectant mothers. The paperback version includes space for notes and doodles.

Yetunde: An Ode to My mother

by Segilola Salami 

This is a short book but an interesting read. If you’d like to give a unique gift for Mother’s Day, this would be an excellent one!

- Diamante Lavendar, author of Breaking The Silence 

Learn more about The Segilola Salami Show right here on and see how you can join in on the conversation.

Everyday Heroes of Motherhood: Love Letters To Extraordinary Moms

by Karen Bemmes 

A beautifully written book. And one that inspires me to reach out to my mother, sisters and friends to let them know how their parenting has influenced and inspired me.

- Reader Review

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