Justice for the Black Knight - Featured Kindle Mystery

Justice for the Black Knight

by Jerri Blair

Rating: ✰✰✰✰✰

"Justice for the Black Knight" won the 2015 Beverly Hills Book Award for Best Legal Thriller.

It was also awarded an Honorable Mention for Best African American Literature by Indie Next Generation Book Awards and Best Fiction by the Florida Book Festival.

It was awarded the prestigious star by Kirkus Reviews which called it "...superbly crafted...intricately detailed...a must read story of relationships, prejudice and bravery, a vivid paeon for justice."

Red City Review wrote that it "...quite astutely tackles the topic of racism, combining the best attributes of legal thrillers like 'The Firm' with the exploratory and contemplative tone of subtle but powerful works of literature like Ralph Ellison's 'Invisible Man."

Clarion Reviews called it "...a twentieth-century law and order fable...that has the feel of a true crime mystery, coming of age novel, and high stakes courtroom drama rolled into one..."

This dramatic legal thriller is a story of beautiful relationships wrapped in a dark mystery from the distant past that will decide the fate of a man on trial for his life. Ruby and Annabelle, who became friends during the shadow of the Great Depression, crossing the boundaries that separated them by race, are reunited at the murder trial of Ruby's brother, the last person either of them want to believe would commit such a heinous crime. When they were children, Freddie had created a childhood alter ego called the "Black Knight," who vowed to fight injustice in the world, and had tried to live up to that ideal throughout his life. But now, Freddie finds himself on trial for the brutal murder of an elderly man of stellar reputation, facing the death penalty, represented by an incompetent attorney, and unlikely to receive the justice he thinks, but isn't sure, he deserves.\

Justice for the Black Knight is the story of a 1981 trial, where Annabelle and Ruby reach back into the past to try to prove that Freddie is a hero instead of a villain. It is an inspirational tale of friendship extending beyond the borders of race, which also takes an exciting and realistic look at the process of obtaining justice through the legal system.

The scenes are described so beautifully that I felt as though I was one of the characters. The moral issues of the time are heartbreaking, but portrayed accurately and sympathetically.  ~ Andrea Blair

I was completely mesmerized by this book from the very beginning.. ~  Doris T. King

This book pulls you into the story and you find yourself going through the many different emotions put forward by this author. LOVED it. Read it - you'll be glad you did.  ~ BonusMom

Meet Jerri Blair

Jerri Blair's high-profile trials were all over the news for years. In her quest for justice, she changed the lives of many of the people she represented. She uses the same passion now in creating works of fiction.

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