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And The Puppy Howls: A 21st Century Adult Fairy Tale (The Puppy Series)

by E. P. Lee

Rating: ✰✰✰✰½

A Ménage…

There’s a new puppy in Eric’s house: Freud. And this should be a good thing. It’s definitely a start… It’s definitely better. But as Eric’s visits to the Doctors keep reminding him, “better” doesn’t mean well.

After the last few years, the last few months, Eric has nothing left: nothing but the house in Miami, his memories, and now the puppy.

And Freud is only here, scampering and howling and messing, because Ziggy had to be put down. And Freud isn’t quite Ziggy.

And the house is only here because… and it needs to, it has to, sell… and it won’t quite sell.

And nobody and nothing’s Mitch.

Eric, surrounded by memories, flattened and churned up by Banks, Doctors, Real Estate Agents and Fantasies, grieving over the loss of his health, his lover, and the life he once had in the house he now can’t quite get rid of, keeps climbing towards the future, one uneven, unsteady step at a time. Still, it’s hard to know where he’s climbing to.

And though there’s a lot of healing to do, how to start?

Well… at least there’s the puppy. Freud isn’t Ziggy, but that’s okay. He makes Eric smile.

And the Puppy Howls is the story of being hit by everything modern American life can throw, and who and what comes next.

I was left with a sense that, like life, beneath the surface of this artwork lay issues deeper than an innocent bystander could possibly imagine.  ~ George Coley

The writing is honest, like the story: straight-talking and to the point. This is someone who has lived life and understands its little delicacies. ~  Fiona Woodgate

Whilst reading this book it felt so real that I couldn't stop reading it...  ~ Hilda Kreimerman

Meet E. P. Lee

After a lifetime spent in his native New York, Eric Paul Lee now resides in beautiful, tropical, Miami, Florida.

Born in Brooklyn and raised in Coney Island, Eric often wandered the Boardwalk in his childhood. He frequently wasted his allowance at the now demolished Steeplechase Park and the other dated, dowdy, and declining amusements that defined Coney Island and much of traditional society back then.

The traditional was still in back then. And the traditional, like Coney Island, had seen its glory days, its heyday, long passed. But the new hadn't arrived yet, the old was just fading. And so the forms still had to be obeyed. And with that, Eric's parents obeyed those forms, and Eric was dispatched to college in Upstate New York, to return to Brooklyn some four years later.

Upon graduation from college, Eric bounced from job to job until the graphic arts caught his creative eye and a new career began. With his first graphics production position under his belt, Eric moved in to Manhattan some two years later, never to live in Brooklyn again.

Success built on success as corporate stints in California brought about even greater successes leading to Eric's eventual New York City return and the opening of his own graphics agency in Manhattan. That enterprise ran successfully for more than twenty years.

Now out of the industry entirely, Eric is happy to enjoy the perpetual Florida sun and write.

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