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My Story


That’s a strange thing to say isn't it? But my three-time battle with prostate cancer has given me opportunities I never would have imagined.

I've run many businesses throughout my life and they have always involved numerous employees, subcontractors, regulations, financial risks and so on. It wore me out and created untold stress both for my family and myself.

Then the cancer hit - not once, not twice but three times. Not only did I have to battle my body but my mind started to fail me too. I slipped into a dark place and those of you who traveled its corridors know all too well how difficult it can be to drag yourself back into the light.

Over time, I realised I couldn’t keep traveling down this horrible road. Just like a car needs its engine wiring to function, so does the brain. If the wiring sparks and malfunctions, everything stops working.

If you ask me what is worse cancer or depression, I would have to say depression. Give me cancer any day of the week. Depression deprives you of life, every single minute of every day; you don’t want to get out of bed, you don’t want to eat, you lose all interest in your life, your friends, your loved ones not to mention any drive or ambition you had. It robs you of everything precious.

I knew I had to make changes and my beautiful wife Roberta came to the rescue. She pushed me to follow a dream I’d long held; that of becoming a children’s book author.

I turned to my six gorgeous grandchildren for real life inspiration and began writing. On this journey, I met an amazing mentor – Julie Postance – who stood by me with words of encouragement as I poured myself into my writing. In what seemed like no time at all, I had nine manuscripts and then finally, miraculously, my first three titles were published. The joy I felt as I presented these books to my grandchildren was immeasurable. Their faces were pure sunshine. At that moment, I knew I’d left a lasting legacy for them no matter where my cancer battle led.

My writing also took me to the wonderful and bestselling author Jack Canfield’s door in California. There I met 14 other authors who provided much inspiration and warmth. I also meet an amazing author there who, in turn, became my health mentor.

Along this path, I’ve discovered that writing is soul saving. When I come up with something funny and it puts a smile on my face, I know I have the best job in the world! As I write primarily for 3 to 9-year-old children, I’ve been lucky enough to do readings at various venues. I'm always heartened to see these little ones totally engaged in the story and clapping after I’ve read it to them. Some even solemnly shake my hand and if there’s a better reward out there, please find and it and tell me!

I’m happy to report I’m now cancer free. There are so many people out there struggling with various forms of this insidious disease. For those of you who may be reading these words, I’m hoping you might find some solace in what follows. Here are the most important things my journey as taught me:

  • Family and friends make all the difference, whether it’s just one or many
  • Take the time to understand your body – listen to what it’s telling you and respond, eat naturally and exercise
  • Nourish your mind with a hobby or interest that excites you
  • Keep busy even if you have to force yourself to do things
  • Your cancer can save others - my three sons and my two grandsons are now aware of this disease and know to get checked. By me getting cancer first, I have saved their lives
  • If you aren’t happy, it’s your fault. Force yourself to laugh and it’s amazing where that can take you
  • Negatives can outweigh positives … but only if you let them

But perhaps the best piece of advice I can give comes from a piece I wrote one day when I was thinking about life in general:

“I don't remember when I was born. Death I haven't experienced yet. All I know is I'm here now and right up until my used by date comes, I'm going to shake that tree of life until every leaf falls off.”

What are you waiting for? Get shaking!!!

Meet Lou Silluzio

Lou Silluzio is the author of nine children's books including ‘Milana and the Escalator’, ‘Max the
Boy Who Didn't Believe in Santa Claus’, ‘Jyra and the Excursion’ and more. Lou immigrated to Australia from Italy in 1957 when he was nine. Following a very successful career in building and
real estate, a health scare convinced him to become the author he always wanted to be, and his children's series was born. Lou lives in Melbourne with his beautiful wife, Roberta. He is a proud father of three, and an even prouder grandfather of six. His grandchildren are the inspiration for his books, and he hopes his true-to-life stories will impart life lessons for readers of all ages. To find out more about Lou’s books visit
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