Through the Knothole - Free Kindle Fiction

Through the Knothole
by Kenyon Ledford

How would you escape?

Imagine you are a helpless child, the
victim of a brutal father. How dangerous is this father? He has
already been put on trial for the death of your mother. However, in a
controversial ruling, your father is not only found innocent, but is
allowed to retain custody of yourself. You love your father, however,
you know you are always one misstep away from an unavoidable
pummeling. You are beginning to have a sick suspicion of your mother's
death in the very pit of your soul, perhaps you suspect you may become another
statistic in the child abuse files.

Would You Dare Escape?

Will Jensen is a victim of the sort of
child abuse boys suffer from so often; beatings at the hand of a
brutal parent who is unable to control their temper. Will's father,
Harry, loves his son. He also has a love of alcohol, and has an
unquenchable penchant for violence.
 Harry isn't a cowardly man. Child abuse stories are filled with men of
his stripe. He'll turn his fists on another man twice his size, just as he would a
woman or child. Harry has a violent temper when he's been drinking,
and he doesn't punch walls.

After the trial, Harry takes Will to a
new neighborhood where they can start over. A place where nobody
knows the story of Harry's trial. A place where neighbors have their
own problems and don't bother calling the police if they hear a
child's bloodcurdling screams. A place where the abuse of children isn't
suspected or talked about. Teachers may talk about child abuse in the
classroom, but after school the child only has one place to go; home.

His Only Way Out

Will is a bright boy with a vivid
imagination. He is an avid reader, and this helps his mind find
solace from the child abuse and neglect. Books on adventure line the
shelves in Will's new bedroom, but they can't get him away from his
father. However, Will has noticed something very interesting about
his room in the new house.
On the wood paneling lining the walls,
there is a knothole that Will finds intriguing.
One evening, the knothole almost seems
to beckon to Will. In fact, the opening appears to become a gaping
hole. However, nothing but wall is on the other side of the knothole,

What Would Happen?

One night, under duress, Will stares
intently at the center of the knothole and discovers what happens
when he puts his eye to the mysterious opening in the knothole. Is
there really salvation inside of there, or are despair and
imagination teaming up to trick another victim of abuse?
Are You Ready?

Take an amazing trip through the
knothole with Will Jensen. You will be amazed at where the journey

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