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Psyche Moon

by Chrissie Buhr

Rating: ✰✰✰✰

Sadie can reach into your mind to discover anything she chooses, change a memory, and much more. She swore long ago she would never again use her abilities to control or exploit another being. She doesn’t know why she has power over the mind, but those who discover her abilities flee from her. People fear what they don’t understand, so she hides her powers.

Billie can hear a conversation two blocks away and smell the neighbor's gardenias on your shoes. She notices everything in her surroundings and has physical strength and speed far surpassing any human’s. Beta of the local Wolf Pack and the second most powerful Wolf in the Pacific Northwest, she approaches life with confidence and pride.

Upon meeting, they discover a passionate and unusual connection between them that defies explanation. As their relationship quickly develops, they discover neither is an ordinary woman. Still they conceal those deeper truths about themselves, hiding their full nature from each other. Sadie lies for fear of rejection. Billie conceals the truth to keep a promise. In the dead of night, in fear for their lives, they must expose their secrets or die.

What could be more disturbing than discovering your girlfriend is a werewolf? Finding out you're even more fearsome ... and her Pack's sworn enemy. “Mages cannot be trusted.”

Psyche Moon Reviews

I liked the way the story flows and the descriptions on the scenes and characters are very good. Dwynwen

I really enjoyed this book. It sucks you in and when it ends, leaves you wanting more. - L. Doyon

This book pulls you in. It enthralls your mind. It holds your senses captive. And then it leaves you hungry for so much more! Enjoy the deliciousness of this unique story. I certainly did! - Behrkat

Meet Chrissie Buhr

I've always loved to disappear inside of a book, recreating myself in a character for the duration of a story. When I discovered Madeleine L'Engle as a girl, science fiction took on a new depth. Only after reading The Lord of the Rings was she relegated to second favorite author. At different times in my life I've obsessed over the classics, historical fiction, biographies, philosophy and spirituality, science fiction and fantasy. Lately my preferences have focused on fantasy, particularly shapeshifters and magic hidden in our mundane world. Throw in an unusual romantic twist and I'm hooked.

Early on I began to create my own characters, spinning stories to express my dreams or to imagine fantastic experiences. Writing has always been a part of my life, but mostly I wrote for myself. Recently I decided to start sharing my stories with others. I'd been working on a fantasy romance off and on for a couple of years and decided to move it into a full-fledged novel series.

I published Psyche Moon last July and uploaded Psyche Honor this week. The twists and turns in Sadie and Billie's life and relationship are getting exciting! I'm anxious to share it.

I live a simple life, and that's exactly how I like it. Friends, family, art, writing, and community are my world. If I've been sitting at the computer for too long, my cat lays on my arms and growls at my twitching fingers. Billie's home is decorated with pieces inspired by local artists who have inspired me. I enjoy herbs and herb lore and spend time in the deserts and mountains around me. If you want to know how I feel about the wilds, look through Billie's eyes. She got it from me.

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