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The Paleo Diet for Weight Loss NOW: An Essential Quick Start Guide to Paleo for Beginners 
by Nick Bell

The Paleo Diet for Weight Loss NOW: How would you like to Lose Weight and Feel Amazing?

How would you like to shed a few pounds? How about having more energy and looking great in the mirror? The Paleo Diet for Weight Loss NOW: An Essential Quick Start Guide to Paleo for Beginners is the blueprint to feeling better than you ever have before.

Fad diets come and go. I mean, you can probably name two or three fad diets right now off the top of your head. The fact is that our bodies crave something that is nutritious, delicious and yet our schedule needs a meal plan that is not terribly time consuming. The solution: The Paleo Diet for Weight Loss.

Fourteen benefits of following the Paleo diet:

1. Increased levels of energy
2. Improved sleep
3. Healthier looking hair and clearer skin
4. Increased mental clarity
5. Marked improvement in mood and attitude
6. Decreased bloating and gas
7. Sustained weight loss
8. Increased muscular strength
9. Decreased risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer
10. Better immune function
11. Healthier gut flora
12. Increased absorption of nutrients from food
13. Reduced sensitivity to allergies
14. The Paleo diet is anti-inflammatory

Paleo Diet for Weight Loss helps answers some of your most important questions, including:

What is the Paleo Diet?
The Paleo diet is simply one of the healthiest ways you can eat. It is a way of eating that is made to work with your genetics so that you can be lean, strong and energetic! The focus is to eat foods such as fruits, nuts, vegetables, lean meats, seafood and healthy fats.

How long do I have to follow the Paleo diet before I see results?
Typically, 30 days is all that’s needed to start seeing some significant results and feeling the benefits of eating a Paleo based diet. It all depends on where you start before you begin, but 30 days is a good number to keep in mind as you start. Although, many people start seeing results within a matter of a week.

Have researchers discovered any long-term side effects of the Paleo diet?
No! In fact, a number of people in the health care field are recommending the Paleo diet as it is consistent with an anti-aging approach.

One of the negative side effects, probably the biggest, is eating a little differently than some of your friends and family members. This might be hard at first but, as with most things, people will get used to it. More importantly, you’ll look and feel amazing and others will ask you, “What are you eating these day? You look fantastic!”

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