Rapport - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

Rapport: Easily Double Your Rapport Skills Within One Week
by Michael Dunar

These Strategies and Principles Can Change Your Life! Very detailed and specific on how to create an instant connection with others.

This guide will help you build rapport quickly. It doesn’t have to be difficult, or does it have to be something you refrain from trying. Building rapport is much easier than you think, but only if you know the secrets to unlocking great rapport. Have you ever wondered how others can be so popular? How come he/she is able to be instant friends with everyone they meet? This guide will help you in business, your personal life, and in areas of your life that won’t be visible at first.

A Preview Of What You Can Learn

How to build instant rapport
How to create lasting relationships more easily
How to create a winning attitude that attracts other people
What style, tone, body language, and listening can do to improve your life
How to get rid of awkward conversations, or fear of being embarrassed in conversation
Direct your life towards meeting more contacts and a greater “friend-flow” quickly
Enjoy lighting up other people and leaving lasting impressions

Why is rapport so important? It is crucial because it will catapult you to the front of the line for the new job position. It will help you close that monster deal. Rapport can help you get the girl/guy. Have you ever thought about why some people seem to be magnetic? Well, they employ all of these principles and have removed any fear of meeting other people. This guide will help you solve the mystery of what to do when conversations go silent, and how to ensure it never gets close to that awkwardness in the first place.

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