Mustard Seed Baby Doll - Free Kindle Fiction

Mustard Seed Baby Doll: a novella
by F.J. Schurr 

A story about hope, faith and redemption...
Jim and Maudelyn are a retired couple still reeling from the loss of their daughter who ran away over a decade ago. With both of them lost in the past, their marriage has all but disappeared. Samson is a bodybuilder in pursuit of someone else’s dreams. Underneath a thin veneer of arrogance, he longs for unconditional acceptance and the permission to be himself. Rachael is a homeless orphan who has been cheated out of her childhood. Forced to grow up too fast, she struggles to pattern her life after her dead mother’s example.

In this gritty tale of the harsh realities of life, F.J. Schurr artfully weaves together a tapestry from stray threads of hope and brokenness that hang from the human condition.

Set in the heart of the once thriving city of Buffalo, New York, this is a story of love, loss, and redemption that will both break your heart and overwhelm you with joy.

˃˃˃ Description from the back of the book...

Finding herself alone and living in an abandoned subway tunnel after her mother's death, Rachael feels the pull of her ten-year-old starlet heart to become what she always knew she would be; an actress. But growing up is its own learning curve; a regular street corner full of lessons.

Samson may have grown up. As a bodybuilder, he may have even gotten big and strong just like a real man is supposed to, but that doesn't mean that life has given him all answers quite yet, or if it ever will.

For Jim and Maudelyn, retirement and growing old hasn't been a bed of roses. And after their only child ran away, sitting and staring at each other from opposite sides of the same apartment for the last ten years hasn't helped matters. But distance makes the heart grow fonder...

...and even the smallest kernel of faith can sprout into something capable of moving the very mountains themselves.

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