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Parenting a Happy Home (Smart Simple Guide to Parenting with Ease)
by Kathy Brooks 

This book contains a wealth of information on Parenting.
This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to raise children in the best possible way, with ease. It includes in depth information on the different stages and tasks that each child goes through. All of it aims to help parents understand their children better and improve their relationships with them. Parenting can be fun; it just takes a little more understanding of the little bundles of joy. Read on and see parenting in a whole new perspective.
Being a parent is a huge responsibility. A parent becomes in charge for the well-being of a child, from the moment of conception, until adulthood. Meeting all the needs of a child heavily rely on the parent. Needs are not only limited to daily physical needs, but also includes emotional, intellectual, as well as social needs. Development in these areas is first influenced by the parent. To better help a child grow and develop in these areas, one must have to understand the different developmental stages that a child goes through.
A child first learns social interactions through the parents. From the moment of birth, the child establishes social relationship first with the parents. How the child relates with other people is largely dependent on how the parents deal with their child. Social needs and emotional needs go hand in hand. Each is a reflection of the other. Emotional health influences how a child interacts with the world around him.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

Parent-Child Relationship !
Parenting Babies!
Toddler Woes!
Raising a Pre-Schooler!
Tweens and Teens!
And much, much more!

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