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Tiger Beetle at Kendallwood (Norma Jean Lutz Classic Collection)
by Norma Jean Lutz 

The Norma Jean Lutz Classic Collection includes re-released titles of previously-published teen novels. I hear from parents and teens alike who are searching for clean, lighthearted, novels. Paranormal is fine for a time, but much like gorging on too much ice cream, after a while it can become tedious and dull.

This is why I made the decision to bring back the novels that I authored in the 80s and 90s. Reading audiences deserve a choice and I want to give them that choice.

Clean teen reads
Timeless story lines that never grow old
A choice for readers in reading materials and themes
Classic reads from a more innocent era

These story plots are timeless; such stories never grow out of style in spite of the fact they were penned several decades ago. The second title in the Norma Jean Lutz Classic Collection is Tiger Beetle at Kendallwood:

Marcy Hankin’s world has been turned upside down ever since Spence Caldwell arrived in her hometown of Andonburg, Oklahoma. Why the state football champ would want to come to an out-of-the-way little town like Andonburg for his senior year is anyone’s guess. Spence and his aunt and uncle have taken up residence in the old Kendallwood mansion and have plans to restore the place.

The girls at Andonburg high are in a dither; the football jocks have their noses out of joint. But for Marcy it means the vast wooded acreage of the Kendallwood estate is no longer her private haven for insect collecting. Which means she’ll be unable to finish her entomology project in time for the fair; her goal of winning Grand Champion is in jeopardy.

Losing her special getaway place is just the beginning. Soon she’s caught up in her twin sister, Cissy’s, scheme to claim Spence Caldwell as her own. Cissy’s plans include convincing Marcy to try out for cheerleader – something Marcy has neither the time nor the desire to do.

Cissy detests every bug in Marcy’s many collections. According to Cissy: “No guy in his right mind would ever want to date a girl who plays around with those creepy things. It’s abnormal.”

Spence’s presence changes everything in Marcy’s world. Caving to pressure and trying to fit in, Marcy finds she’s denying the very things she loves. She loses sight of who she truly is and she’s miserable.

But then she learns that Spence Caldwell has a few secrets of his own. What actually did bring Spence to Andonburg? And what could it possibly have to do with Marcy and her love of bugs?

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