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Talk to Me: How Animals Talk to Each Other - Learn How Dolphins, Whales, Dogs, Bears, Horses, and Cats Talk (Super Cool Animal Facts for Ages 6-12) 
by Carol Cook

Great Picture Book of Animals for Ages 6-12   Animal Facts About Whales, Dolphins, Elephants, Frogs and MORE.    Puzzles Created for this Book.

This book tells the exciting story of how animals talk to each other and even to their human friends. Children will love pretending to talk like their favorite animals talk. Kids will love this book - guaranteed! The following chapters will provide enjoyment and learning for readers of all ages:

Barking Dogs
Binky Bunnies
Clicking Dolphins
Chirping Birds
Croaking Frogs
Foot Stomping Elephants
Glowing Peacocks
Howling Wolves
Hugging Giraffes
Kissing Groundhogs
Nose Rubbing Horses
Roaring Lions
Roaring Tigers
Rubbing Cats
Screeching Monkeys
Singing Whales
Spraying Skunks
Squealing Otters
Waving Crabs

The book uses adorable pictures and fascinating words to teach
children about the way in which animals talk to each other. Younger
children will love flipping through the pages and looking at the
adorable animals. All children will be excited to learn the neat ways
that animals talk to each other!

Resources for teachers or homeschooling are included. Discussions, animal puzzles, and suggested activities will all add to the enjoyment of this book at home or at school.

I loved creating this book and finding these adorable pictures of our favorite animals. I hope you and your child love it.

~ Carol Cook

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