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Self Sustainability For Beginners: The Essential Guide To Self Sustainable And Self Sufficient Living In The 21st Century
by Brett McInnes 

With the rising prices of living and our increasing demand to drive the economy in the current century, our natural resources are being depleted at a rapid rate. From fossil fuels to oils, the finite supplies will soon be gone as our lifestyles have continuously diminished it over time. What will then be left for us? Or our future children? And their children?

The truth is, our earth is at threat everyday.

The good news is though, that it's not too late to take action towards sustainable development - and it does not require us to do much because all we need to do is start with what we have at home.

Not sure where to start? In this simple guide, I will share with you practical ways and step-by-step methods to begin living in a self sustainable manner. And no, it's not just about changing to solar powered light-bulbs, but making simple changes in your lifestyle that will have tremendous benefits to the environment. From topics including the food that we eat, to water recycling and reducing carbon footprint when travelling to work, this book is for everyone in the family.

Indeed, some of the things you'll learn from this book may be out of your comfort zone (like raising chickens in the backyard!), however they also aim to help you financially and find a degree of self reliance.

This easy to follow handbook to green living is applicable to both urban and rural dwellers and will provide you with everything you need to know to start living self sufficiently. No doubt that after you read this, you will find the joy in self sufficiency and be empowered and equipped with the skills to begin taking sustainable action today.

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