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Bad Call - A Psychological Thriller
by James Harper 

All decisions have consequences. Some...more deadly than others.

Ralph da Silva’s luck is going from bad to worse. Tequila and mountain roads, plus a healthy dose of poor judgment, make for a dangerous cocktail, as Ralph finds out to his cost when he narrowly avoids a head-on collision in the remote mountains of Central America—which is when his problems really start.

Not knowing whether the other driver has been so lucky, and more concerned with saving his own skin at any cost, Ralph panics and flees the scene, but is horrified when he learns that the brutal Chief of the Secret Police, Luis Garcia Ramirez, has taken a personal interest in the case. What isn’t clear is why—is Ramirez determined to bring Ralph to justice or has he got a more sinister, ulterior motive?

As the net tightens around him, Ralph is tormented by the rumors of past atrocities that surround Ramirez. Then, in a bizarre turn of events as he desperately tries to escape justice and the country, Ralph is forced to confront Ramirez and decide whether he’s being offered a way out or whether he’s about to deliver himself into the cold-blooded hands of his nemesis. One thing is certain—he can’t afford to make another bad call.

Bad Call is a psychological thriller novella with the suspicion of a noir caper mixed in.

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