How To Raise A Puppy - Free Kindle Fiction

How To Raise A Puppy
by Ben Smith 


This book will teach you how to raise a loving and healthy puppy.Remember that your puppy will one day be an adult and what you do from day 1 will influence the puppy and will determine what type of adult dog the puppy will become.
The benefits you will get from training your puppy from day one will give you,your puppy and your family a happy life together.
In this guide you will learn the following:
(1)Puppy Proofing Your Home - Learn everything about creating a safe space for your puppy.

(2)Your Puppy's First Month - You will be guided from day one to the end of the first month.This time is crucial in developing a healthy well behaved puppy.

(3)Feeding Your puppy - Learn what to feed your puppy and when.Make sure your puppy gets the best nutrition from day 1.

(4)Taking care of your puppy's Hygiene -Make sure your puppy stays clean.

(5)Encouraging discipline in your puppy -Learn how to create good habits in your puppy.

(6)Socializing your puppy -Learn how to make your dog well adapted in any environment.

(7)Common behavioral problems to look out for - Help your puppy become a well adapted adult dog by spotting the puppy's behavioral issues early.

Many people make the mistake to spoil their puppy's and then when the dog is an adult they get angry and blame the dog for bad behavior.The ironic thing is that the owner is responsible for the puppy and that all bad behavior can be avoided by learning a little bit about puppy's and how to raise them in a good way.

By raising your puppy the right way you will make sure that your puppy and your family have amazing memories together and a great future to look forward to.Help your puppy now to have a happy life with you,your family and friends.

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