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Divergent Parody: Avirgent 
by Maurice Hill and Michelle Hunt 

16 year old Mika Ock is a selfish teenage girl who lives in Dystopian Chicago, where the world has turned to crap, and for some strange reason, divided into five factions to help society prosper(even though that doesn't make any sense whatsoever): Rambunctious, Vanity, Smart-Ass, Honest, and Tricker. But, there is one other faction blacklisted. One called...Avirgent. The blacklisted faction that is somehow dangerous, and anyone declared Avirgent will be subject to immediate execution.

No one knows why, or how, but it is dangerous. When Mika Ock is declared Avirgent, her tester spares her life and tells her to live a life in solitude in the Tricker faction. The Trickers are a group of daredevils who believe jumping off of roofs...and jumping out of airplanes and onto freakin' trains makes them badass.
So Mika Ock moves on with her life in Tricker, with the challenge and the threat of someone potentially finding out that she's Avirgent. However, she must deal with an odd Brother-Sister duo, a psychopath who kills whenever he wants, and of course, the man of her dreams who seems to know more than he puts on, and has a fascination for playing his theme music whenever he enters a room.
All this and more encapsulates the story of one girl's rise from a life of Vanity and selfishness, to the Young Adult heroine teenage girls everywhere wish they could be and more! This is a story of inconsistency where the plot determines the characters actions, and a story of few rising up to defeat the so called, "Evil Empire," that doesn't seem all that evil to be quite honest.

All in all, this is a parody that makes fun of the Divergent universe, and was made all in good fun. I had a good time writing this, and it is my hope all of you have a great time reading this.
Now, just a little warning, there IS some swearing. So I have rated this 16+ Young Adult. I would rate it 13+, but God forbid 13 year old kids know about the human anatomy, swearing or...sex. GASP! Did I just say that? There are mentions of the act, but no imagery. Have fun!
-This parody does not in anyway reflect on my writing style and is meant to parody that of Veronica Roth's prose-

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