Special Guest Post from Author Lance Manion

I never finished college for a variety of reasons but chief among them was the fact that I never finished high school. Funny how things like that are connected. It's like how they say a butterfly beating its wings in India causes a storm in Kansas. Had I gone to college I probably would understand that much better. You see how it's all connected.

Like that game "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon". You'd think with the way that the world's population is growing that it would be seven degrees by now but you also have to take into account that he's probably made a dozen movies since then, and another two in the time it took you to read this far, and we're lucky if it's holding at six and not down to five. It's like the world's population and Kevin Bacon are engaged in some strange game of chicken where one or the other of them are going to drive off a cliff like in A Rebel Without A Cause.

Honestly I'm just surprised that Kevin Bacon wasn't in that movie. He's in every other damn one.

Do you ever have a conversation where suddenly you realize you forgot what the heck it was you were talking about? Same thing can happen when you're writing and no amount of going back and re-reading helps.

The one thing I'm sure of is that I wasn't intending to write about how annoying it is when you compliment someone on a cereal bar they hand you that turns out to be delicious and they say "you know, they're (the cereal bar) not easy to find" as if they had to embark on an Indiana Jones-type expedition to the supermarket.

The Butterfly Effect. That was what I was talking about. The theory, not the movie. If it were the movie I was talking about it would have been written in italics like this: The Butterfly Effect. That's one thing that the written word has over conversations. While facial expressions and hand gestures are helpful nothing beats italics for getting a point across. I'm surprised they didn't name a movie Italics just so they could use italics on the poster.

There is little doubt Kevin Bacon would have made a much better leading man in The Butterfly Effect than Ashton Kutcher. And for the record, before I move on with what I originally wanted to discuss, Ashton  was in Cheaper By The Dozen with Steve Martin who was in Bowfinger with Eddie Murphy who was in Showtime with Robert DeNiro who was in Hide and Seek with Elizabeth Shue who was in Hollow Man with Kevin.

Who says you need a high school diploma to get along in this world?

That's like saying you need a great premise to write a book. Nonsense. That in turn would be like saying that you need a strong grasp of the language and the patience to make little changes here and there in order for the reader to fully understand what it is you're saying and why you would want it said in the first place. That's the old way of thinking. With this new eReader technology anyone can inflict their ideas on an unsuspecting public without so much as due cause.

A writer flaps his wings in his underpants in his home office and a world away someone reads something that makes them think of something completely unrelated.

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Go with those.

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