Blue Flower - Free Kindle Fiction

Blue Flower (Blue Universe)
by Tad S. Torm

Tria is ruled by three generals.

Vigo is the king. To the king goes all the glory.

Pipo is the chief of the Inquisition. He'll quash under his stout boot the most anemic sign of revolt.

Zeno is the conqueror. Zeno is not a happy man.

Gone are the carefree days of yore, when Tria's proud inhabitants were famous throughout the BLUE GALAXY for their freedoms, their easy riches and their uppity ways.

At the legendary Battle of the Rock, General Zeno tricked King Belisarius and destroyed his army. The venerable monarch died in that battle, his army was annihilated, but Zeno, the favorite of death, an invincible general who’d ploughed a path of destruction across the Galaxy, could not enjoy the bitter fruits of his victory. Because his childhood friend, Vigo, had stolen what was rightfully his. Upon finding out about Belisarius’s death, Vigo had landed on the unfortunate planet and proclaimed himself king.

At Meteor Rock Zeno, sickened by the terrible slaying in the ranks of his enemies, had made a vow to never kill again. This hasty decision was forcing him to abide by an unfair situation. Nowadays he spends his days in the Military Barracks, commiserating with his dead cat Mintzy, and whiles away the nights quaffing huge quantities of amber rackee at the Espresso Bar.

Nothing has changed in the past twenty years. But when Fanny, the daughter of Cristina Cora, Zeno’s greatest love, returns to Tria, this fragile equilibrium seems ready to collapse.

The searing hatred shared by the three men at the top of the Primo Regime raises to the surface. Men fight in the streets; Goddess Estrella makes a grand appearance and a strange BLUE FLOWER blossoms on Tria’s green fields.

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