Viral House - Free Kindle Fiction

Viral House
by Joe Sharp

Tired of the same old haunted house stories? How about something a little ... different?

Cheryl ...
For the last few years the only thing that Cheryl wanted was a normal life, away from the shadow of her drug-addicted brother Jesse. But, just as he started getting his life back together, Jesse went missing, "stepped off the face of the earth", and Cheryl could not let that go. Even at the risk of her own life.

Paul ...
Paul knew a thing or two about addiction, being an alcoholic in recovery for the last year and a half. However, he didn't know Cheryl, until their troubled paths crossed and her quest became his. But finding Jesse was only the start. For their search would take them to the "House on Orchard Street" where it all began.

Colton ...
Was he sent by God or the Devil? Was he a damaged victim or evil personified? He dabbled in Horror and Heaven ... and to him, they were the same thing.

The House ...
The House was a legend that neighbors spoke about in hushed tones. The whispered rumors were that people went into the House, and never came out. But Paul and Cheryl would find that the bloody truth about the House was far more insidious than some local haunted house ghost stories.

The House was a virus and it was spreading. And the only thing you can do with a virus is eradicate it!

Get ready ... to get scared!

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