Transparent Universe - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

Transparent Universe 
by S.F. van der Meulen

Transparent Universe creates a three dimensional model of the Universe which explains all natural phenomena. Cosmology from particle to black hole using a natural particle. Unlike today's scientific concepts of particles which are intelligently designed and do not actually exist in the Universe. Transparent Universe has a revolutionary way to perceive the Universe in a realistic method.

Today's particle physicists have misconstrued fiction into facts. There are no special particles, the Higgs Boson doesn't actually exist. Mainstream science makes use of intelligently designed particles which nature simply never build. There are no special dimensions. Time is a mathematical tool. Time does not exist in the reality of the Universe. Everything in the Universe is a shape. And not just any shape but that of a sphere. The book Transparent Universe creates a three dimensional model of particles, atoms and the Universe. Which a human mind can fully understand without the need of mathematical equations. See light for what it is as you visualize your way into understanding the Universe from particle to black hole with a natural and realistic particle.

Another theory is written inside the book Transparent Universe. The second theory explains human nature from an instinctual point of view. The theory explains why not all humans are happy in today's world. Why respect is key to happiness. A demonstration of respect versus a darker way of life and ultimately how humans can achieve real respect.

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