Time Management - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

Time Management-5o Tips on How to Manage Time Better, Techniques, Strategies and Skills
by Ernest Christo

Time Management-Learn How To Manage Your Time Better

These 50 proven time management strategies will increase the quality of your work and home life through reducing stress and helping you achieve your goals more quickly.

When you are finished with this book you will have the skills needed to minimize the factors that are keeping you from spending more time with your family and friends and taking care of yourself.

One thing’s for certain, reading this book will not be a waste of your time. I am a firm believer in providing the best condensed information in my books.

You have my promise that you won’t have to sift through a bunch of boring statistics or useless information to get to the quality content you so desperately need. NO! These are straightforward proven strategies that you can start applying to your life within minutes.

Here are a few ways of managing your time better from the book:

1. The first step is to examine how you are using your time. Keep a journal for a week and record where your time goes, including recreational time, meals and sleep. This will help you get a sense of your current time management patterns.

2. Take time each morning to plan your day. Create a schedule with times for each activity, allowing some leeway for phone calls and other interruptions. Make sure to build in slots for meals and breaks.

3. Keep your eyes on the prize. What is it you really hope to accomplish in the long run? Do your daily activities move you closer to your ultimate goal? If not, try restructuring your daily schedule…

19. Most people strive to learn time management skills because they would like to end up with more free time. Ask yourself what you want to do with that extra free time. Spend more quality time with family and friends? Work on a hobby? Travel? Just relax with a good book? Whatever your passion, try to bring this to mind at least once a day. This is what makes all your hard work worthwhile.

20. Remember that you have choices in how you allocate your time each day. No matter what your situation, you don't have to be a powerless victim with respect to how you spend your time. If you exercise that control and arrange tasks in a way that is comfortable to you, you will feel more fulfilled at the end of each day.

21. No time management strategy will eliminate the inevitable monkey wrenches that will be thrown into your best laid plans. Good time managers learn to expect these unexpected disruptions, deal with them, and then refocus themselves on what's most important.

As you can see, the design and goal of this 50 quick tips book is to help you rapidly learn proven ways of managing your time better.

These effective time management strategies and techniques will:

Reduce stress
Relieve anxiety
Increase your productivity
Help you get more things done
Help you overcome procrastination
Help you stop being a perfectionist
Help you to not feel overwhelmed
Enhance your self-esteem and self confidence
Help you establish realistic expectations of yourself
Teach you proven methods for relaxing when under heavy stress
Reveal how to set achievable goals in order to maximize your time
Show you how to break down larger projects into manageable tasks
Show you how to leave time in your schedule for unexpected happenings
Teach you how to not feel overwhelmed when there are too many things to do
Teach you ways of organizing your time so you achieve your goals faster
Reveal inexpensive tools you can use to make your everyday life run smoother
Help you in identifying the things that are stealing valuable time from your life

Download your copy now to learn how to achieve more in less time through the application of these proven time management tools, strategies, techniques and skills.

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