This is Espionage - Part 1 - Free Kindle Fiction

This is Espionage - Part 1 
by P.M. Butchard

Part 1:
After 9 years missing, Joe Wentworth’s mother, Julie, suddenly shows up as a substitute teacher at his High School. She comes with secrets of a dark past, and warns of dangerous times to come.

When he discovers her true profession, Joe is thrown into a world of espionage, finding himself at the heart of CIA intrigue and in a classified circle of confusion. With lies and secrets tearing his life apart, he finds it hard to trust anyone. His young mind is faced with a psychological challenge when he is personally targeted by a violent and disturbed individual – a man known only as ‘Mr. Pill’.

Bombarded with questions, tangled in fear, Joe realises this is the first move in a dangerous game of espionage.

Series Overview:

This is Espionage follows the development of the International Tactics Agency – a secret international intelligence effort joining the best minds around the globe to unify their mutual goals. To test the project, the ITA are set the task of targeting the head of a shadowy international crime syndicate – a man known only as ‘Mr. Pill’.

Mr. Pill is wanted for war crimes, and charges of terrorism in western countries. But his darkest side – his strange interest in training children in conflict zones – becomes the center of attention as he targets the agents of the ITA directly.

The story follows the members of the ITA and their personal struggles with Mr. Pill, as their new agency develops over the period of four years. Joe Wentworth and Margie Fielding are two young teens, dragged into the world of intelligence when their parents – agents for the ITA – are personally targeted by Mr. Pill and his sinister organisation. Joe and Margie are taken under the ITA’s wing, and are taught how to protect themselves as this dark world infiltrates their lives.

As they grow, from fourteen to almost eighteen, the ITA develops with them, and their lives become a constant fight against Mr. Pill and his disturbing intentions, as he plays a game he calls Espionage.

What’s more, Mr. Pill is known to be developing a hazardous new chemical, and the ITA’s fight to stop him becomes extremely dangerous and psychologically challenging when his actions unravel secrets within the team.

No one can be trusted in this game – This is Espionage.

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