The Last Pieces of Us - Free Kindle Fiction

The Last Pieces of Us 
by Michael Purnell

Take a journey through The Last Pieces of Us, a quartet of gruesome, tragic stories of three men as they try and piece together the fragmented pieces of their lives in a hope to make sense of their sad realities. In ‘Tomorrow Man,’ Donald Gribble operates a once thriving arcade carousel that boomed in the 1980’s and 1990’s, but slowly tanked after the 2000’s. Broke and stuck in a crumbling life because of his business, Donald finally cracks after his landlord gives him the news that he’ll be closing down. With nothing left, he explodes in a fit of rage towards his wife when she breaks the news that she’s leaving him. To his amazement, he’s not greeted by police or his wife the next day, instead, his wife has no recollection of his outburst the day before, and the damage done to his house has miraculously repaired itself. He learns, to his amusement, that anything he does in any given day will never have happened the next day. Donald asks himself, "what becomes of a someone when there's no consequences for their actions?"
In ‘Daddy’s Darlings,’ settle in with Kevin as he moves into a quiet, peaceful duplex with his pregnant wife, Lisa, and take a sad journey with him as he tries to forget and escape his horribly abusive, tragic familial life. As he slowly pieces his bruised mind back together, he can’t help but get a creeping feeling that the seemingly quiet and polite old tenant that lives downstairs is harboring a horrific secret that he only wants to reveal to Kevin.
In 'The Lost One and Only,' amid his crumbling relationship with his beloved brother, Bill Shimley invests in a search to find a lost childhood hero of his, Shane Bernthal, one half of The Bernthal Brothers, twin brothers that starred in several low budget B action films in the early 1990’s. When Bill finds Shane, he hopes that his discovery will bring him a sort of catharsis, but sadly learns that he isn’t the same man he remembers from his childhood, and that the mystery surrounding his brother’s whereabouts might be a secret best kept undiscovered.
An old closed down single screen movie theater is at the heart of our last story, the last but most brutal of the bunch. Richard, a former theater owner now currently retired, looks to invest in an old, but pristine, theater to get back into the business he loved. As he explores his new investment, he learns why everything in the building had been left behind, why everything is in perfect condition and what kind of sketchy past the building holds. Learn why and how all of these seemingly unrelated people are connected in 'Dry Run,' the most tragic and most telling story of 'The Last Pieces of Us.'

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