The Adventures of Sir Romeo Beau - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

The Adventures of Sir Romeo Beau: Basset Hound Service Work Doggie
by J R Pullen

Sir Romeo Beau Basset Hound is one of the very first Basset Hound Service Work Doggies around. This makes him an extremely 'unique' Basset Hound. Sir Romeo has been very fascinating to the public however; while being that, he is always focused and adorable all the time he is out working. That is why he’s such a little celebrity.

These STORIES and ADVENTURES are about the two of them and how little Sir Romeo, in need of a wonderful new forever home went from being an adorable little hound, adopted from the Sun Coast Basset Rescue, to becoming my wife’s little 'hero.'

The book itself is basically a combination children/adult Service Work Dog awareness book as told by Romeo's point of view (he is an officially trained service work dog) and travels everywhere with my disabled wife.

From the Journals of Sir Romeo Beau: This book is the first of many children’s books to come. The 'Sir Romeo Beau Basset Hound Work Doggie' series is both heartwarming and educational to both children and adults alike. Basset hounds have been increasingly used in the public during recent years as therapy dogs due to their good-natured disposition, genuine gentleness, and their inherent love of children and the elderly. Romeo takes this a step further by having become an actual Service Work Dog dedicated to assisting his mommy with her disabilities - this makes him extremely unique in this sense.

From our experience in the public, Service Dog Awareness is a topic that few people fully understand. Hopefully this story and the others to follow will help to illustrate that 'Service Work Dogs' are totally dedicated to assisting their disabled master in day-to-day tasks.

Download The Adventures of Sir Romeo Beau Basset Hound Service Work Doggie and you will better understand how Service Dogs view the world when out in public by watching out for their master and helping them feel a form of confidence that many people take for granted.

Being a very special family member both on-duty and off, with Romeo's help these books totally write themselves - we are simply interpreters for his insightful observations of the world around him.

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