Testing the Waters - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

Testing the Waters (Intriguing, Tragic, True.)
by E McNew 

  • Out of 100 teenage pregnancies, 20 are planned.
  • As a former teen parent, Elizabeth believes that hiding the secret of her pregnancy being intentional will only encourage this matter. By writing her shocking and controversial memoir, Elizabeth hopes to encourage other former teen parents to also break their silence in an effort to re-evaluate the statics.
  • "To this day, my own family still does not know the full truth. I am coming clean that my pregnancy, at age fifteen, was not an accident. They are completely unaware of what was going on in my fourteen-year-old mind. This baby simulator put ideas into my head that caring for a baby would be as simple as turning a key... I eventually was looking forward to carrying the baby around with me and pretending that I was a mommy. I was now excited for this assignment. I wanted to practice, and I wanted my doll to be real."
  • Surviving the loss of her daughters to adoption, Elizabeth reflects on her actions that led up to the battle in court that she never imagined she would face. She thoroughly examines her thoughts and actions as a teen, which caused her to believe that substance abuse, domestic violence, and living a completely dysfunctional lifestyle, was all she would ever be worth. 
  • After battling with the "system" to regain control of her life and her family, it was just too late. There were no second chances, which led to a complete surrender, and giving up on all that ever mattered to her.

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