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Stardust in Gretna's Eyes (A Barcie Lucas Mystery, Volume 1) 
by CJ Carr

Meet Stony Meadow's teenage super sleuth on her first case, STARDUST IN GRETNA'S EYES, Case #1 in The Barcie Lucas Mysteries!

When a neighbor dies of an apparent heart attack in a sleepy town in southern Colorado, little does sixteen-year-old Barcie Lucas suspect that she and her two best friends will soon be investigating a possible murder!

Comedy overlaps drama as Barcie's nutty aunt, a dear friend of the deceased, points to the strange sparkle in the victim's eyes as proof of wrongdoing. The trail leads Barcie to an ancient manuscript buried for years underground by her gypsy ancestors, and now belonging to Barcie's wealthy family. In its pages, Barcie discovers spells that hint at a possible reason for the strange glitter in the dead woman's eyes, and the murderous consequences that might include Barcie's own family. And what will Barcie do when asked to take over the scepter of wisdom and The Book of Secrets, passed down through generations to her maternal grandmother and rejected by her own mother, Stony Meadow's eccentric meteorologist?

Drawn into the gray shades of the paranormal, Barcie searches for clues that take her from a cold morgue, through a funeral parlor and into the dangerous world of a possible serial killer, while time ticks away and the perp, if one exists, is a step closer to remaining a free man. Or is the supposed criminal a woman? And what will our clever detective do if her suspicions point to a beloved family member?

Follow Barcie as she slips behind the scenes to sift quickly through hunches and profiles, racing to discover the truth--is this a death from natural causes, as the police and medical examiner believe, or is it a homicide?

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