South Africa - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

South Africa - Long Walk to the Big 3 
by Les Blythe

From ridiculous barbecuing to insane and deadly backyard inhabitants and killer fish that bite back - it's all inside!

In your wildest dreams, you could not invent this stuff but sometimes in life, fact is stranger than fiction.

This is a trilogy of books (3 for the price of 2) that gives a hilarious but factual account of life in South Africa.

Be prepared for a jaw dropping read in this compilation of the first three "Long Walk" books in the hilarious "My Funniest Books Good for a Laugh" series.

You will be gobsmacked when you discover a way of life that ranges from ridiculous to absolutely deadly and everywhere in between!

You are about to discover 3 hilarious but informative tales of South Africa written by a Scotsman living there!

These true stories written by a Scottish "Pommie" resident in Cape Town, will have you quietly giggling to yourself as he lays bare South African living as seen through the eyes of an outsider.

South Africans will immediately recognize themselves in these stories and anyone not familiar with the South African way of life is in for a real eye opener!

You'll gain a unique perspective on the lighter side of a country that is many times in the news for all the wrong reasons but retains a strong sense of self and a proud tradition.

A country that continues to offer a unique outdoor life style to those who were born here in this stunning place or have chosen to adopt it as home.

Here Is A Preview Of What's Inside

Explore the proud tradition of the South African braai (BBQ).
Marvel at the bewildering array of barbecue accessories available and see if you can work out their purpose!
Enter the world of "kak praat" as we socialize with our South African friends.
Light hearted the story may be but be amazed by the horrors that have taken up residence in the author's backyard.
You think you've read scary Kindle books before but this will truly make your skin creep.
This stuff is NOT for the faint hearted!
Think of the most insane thing you could do with several kilos of angry, snapping killer fish, then think again 'cos you ain't even close to the truth revealed inside!
What are you prepared to do to earn a crust? Put your life on the line? These guys do - literally!
Meet the (more than) colorful characters that participate in this particular, uniquely South African lunacy.

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