Shannon & Amanda: Bloodlines - Free Kindle Fiction

Shannon & Amanda: Bloodlines
by Melony R Boseley

Shannon Downings & Amanda Welch, 15-year old Massachusetts residents, have been neighbours and best friends for as long as they can remember. Their friendship has never faltered, and they were as close to sisters as any pair could be. They enjoy all manner of things, but mostly they love baseball. So the summer before their 16th birthdays, they do what they have always done - play a game of two-person baseball in the front yards of their homes.

Across the street from them, there stands a house empty and suspicious. Rumours have circulated around town about it for years, and it's no wonder. It has laid vacant for over two hundred years. There is a general understanding, though, that it is haunted. No one dared to come near it now, except Shannon & Amanda's families. They had lived there for over 15 years without incidence.

So one day, when the two-person game of baseball went awry and a ball was lost in the house across the street, Shannon & Amanda must venture in to retrieve their lost possession. Apprehensively, they enter, and as they do, they feel instant regret. Unwittingly, they have released the evil from within. It doesn't end there, though. Both girls discover within them a power that had laid dormant for years - magic.

Over the course of two weeks, the girls must find a way to control their new powers to defeat the evil from within the house. Their friendship must remain as they fight both physically and mentally and manage to find the strength to keep on going when all seems certainly lost. Together.

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