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Sandwich Ideas Cookbook. 75 Delicious Sandwich Recipes With Easy To Find Ingredients 
by Dan C. Ionescu 

Sandwiches are the best meals for lunches and breakfast. They are one of world's most popular foods because they can be taken to school and to work, on picnics or when traveling.

Do you want to prepare delicious sandwiches for family and friends?

Preparing tasty sandwiches is not hard. All you need are a few kitchen tools that most families have and good recipes which you will find in this book.
Instead of buying a tasteless burger, hot dog or sandwich you will prepare your own which will be full of flavor.

Inside this book you will find recipes for vegetarians and meat lovers, so everyone will be happy.

Why homemade sandwiches?
The simple answer is because sandwiches are fast and inexpensive to prepare.

Even in our days when you find sandwiches almost everywhere it is still worth it to make them at home because of these reasons:

  • Availability. It is true that sandwiches can be purchased from many places like cafes, gas stations, mini markets, supermarkets, pubs and restaurant, but finding the one you like can be difficult sometimes. For example I like a simple sandwich made from a French baguette, tomatoes , onion and mozzarella and I can't find it anywhere in my town. But I can make it at home in less than 15 minutes. In plus to buy a sandwich you will have to go to the place which sells so in most cases you can make your sandwich with the thing you have in your home faster than going to the shop and back.
  • Taste. Making sandwiches at home means that you control the ingredients. Obviously, you will fill your sandwiches only with the things you like to eat.
  • Health. Many of shop bought sandwiches contain too much, saturated fats, sugars and salt. When you prepare the sandwiches you decide what goes it so you can make your sandwiches healthier and adapt them to your diet.
  • Price. Sandwiches are inexpensive to make, usually homemade ones cost just a fraction of the price of shop bought ones. Also in many of the sandwiches dinner leftovers can be used to prepare tasty sandwiches.

You can make sandwiches even if you are busy

Lots of people don't have time to cook because they are very busy, but sandwiches are so fast and easy to prepare it would be a shame not to make your own.

If I want to buy a sandwich I have to walk to the first shop which sells sandwiches. It is a 5 minutes' walk which means at least 10 minutes to go to the shop and back in this time I can make sandwich and eat it without leaving my home. In plus my sandwiches taste a lot better.

What you will learn from this book

In this book you will find 75 recipes from all around the world. All the recipes are easy to follow and fast to make.
You will learn to make the world's most famous sandwiches plus some I have discovered in my holidays.

Sandwich Cookbook. 75 Delicious Sandwich Recipes With Easy To Find Ingredients as a gift for a loved one

This book can be offered as a gift for someone you love. A sandwich recipe book is good gift for all people which are busy but want to eat something tasty and healthy. Some people that will appreciate this book:

  • students because they are always busy and a sandwich does not require complicated kitchen tools nor kitchen skills
  • newlyweds. People who just got married and never cooked before can prepare sandwiches teach other and it will be a nice surprise
  • moms. When she doesn't have a lot of time to cook she can prepare a healthy sandwich for her kids. Much better that feeding them with fast food (junk food).
  • people who work all day. The sandwiches can be prepared fast and you can take them with you everywhere. Most people are enjoying sandwiches in their lunch break.
  • teenagers. They don't want to be treated as a child and the fact that they can prepare sandwiches will make them feel good about themselves - they can cook without other people's he

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