Rebellion of the Princess - Free Kindle Fiction

Rebellion of the Princess (Ethereal Daydreams)
by Michael Sanrosia

In a nation ruled by a brutal autocracy, what could a young Princess do against overwhelming power?

"I know of your love for your people, Princess Mika, peasants and nobles alike, and your love for your nation. When the time comes, you will use your love to free the people from tyranny and oppression."

After a traumatic attempt on her life by peasants who were involved in a politically motivated attack on the Nobility at the supposedly safe haven that was the Scarletia Royal Castle, these unforgettable words, whispered to her by the Supreme Captain of the Royal Army of Melodice, Terren Rinaldia, struck a chord with Mika Silveraine. Armed with a strong sense of right and wrong, genius-level intelligence, and the power of magic, she is forced to cast aside her childish innocence as she is faced with the truth about her world, one that is not as peaceful and harmonious as she had been led to believe by the Royal Family and the Nobility. In just one moment, her entire life was turned upside down.

The Peasantry, a great majority of the nation’s population, have suffered under the heavy hand of the corrupted highborn for over a century. It is now time for this suffering to end, but the road to freedom is often paved by violence and blood. However, Mika will soon learn that, in order to bring about change, terrible sacrifices must be made… sacrifices no child should ever have to make.

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