Perilous Overtures - Free Kindle Fiction

Perilous Overtures
by Harrison Nguyen 

Ignorance is bliss for twenty-year old Sarith Kurita has few concerns in life now that final exams have ended. He’s more worried about his final grades plus his plans for next semester over the existence of psychic powers and those that wield them. And with the winter holidays starting, staying with his deadbeat dad is a bigger issue than knowing about a homicidal maniac baying for his blood. Contrary-wise, Cassandra Ashford – nineteen and being groomed as an heiress by her father – juggles attention between her agenda for the winter holidays and keeping up to date on the paranormal secrets that few know about. In doing so, she is becoming more engaged in a world that is beyond her years with enemies and opportunists being everywhere.

But when a combination of events, both accidental and intentional, draws them into perilous situations, it becomes more than their own lives being on the line. Freshly plunged into a world beyond belief and forced to adapt, Sarith finds himself facing a dangerous enemy from his late mother's past where an unresolved grievance can mete out fatal consequences. Simultaneously, while handling responsibilities within her father’s company, Cassandra investigates seemingly benign issues, unaware of their links to sinister machinations currently underway. And then a condemned prisoner, Axel Lamperouge, gains his freedom only to encounter a foe he long thought was dead while finding himself tangled in a dangerous setting where unpleasant truths lie in the dark.

With every action taken in dealing with the dangers they face, unprecedented consequences that follow could mean more than shaping future events for them in ways beyond their expectations.

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