Overcoming Death - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

Overcoming Death: Evidence of the Afterlife: Interviews, poetry, and other writings on life after death
by Leslee Goodman 

What happens to consciousness when we die? Does it end? Go elsewhere? If so, where? Might life truly be eternal?

These questions have haunted humanity for as long as we can remember. Yet profound new evidence from those who work with the dying indicates that our fears about death are groundless, and our hopes about death are true: We do overcome death. Consciousness continues, and the afterlife is filled with beauty, bliss, and unconditional love.

In the following pages you'll find interviews with people on the "front lines" of afterlife research, a conversation with a death midwife, a first-hand account of a near-death experience, plus poems and other writings that offer us a new way to think about death—as the ending of one experience, yes, but also the beginning of another, far more magnificent one.

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