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Morgan's Rise
by Fred Lapham

Evan Morgan is content in his work at the Troeda Ironworks until regrettable circumstances drive him to leave the Valleys and seek a new life. Given the chance to escape the consequences of an unfortunate involvement in a churchyard felony, he is sent by his employer to deliver two mysterious packages, one to a locomotive engineer in Gloucestershire, the other to a celebrated geologist at Oxford. Along the journey he meets the extraordinary men who will help him become, in the course of time, a man of property, wealth and substance.

Evan’s marriage to a feisty and principled young woman is hardly conducive to his meteoric rise in society, for her activity in support of downtrodden workers, at a time of great industrial change, creates constant conflict. It will take a dreadful tragedy - or rather more than one - to make Evan see the justice of her cause.

Set in a period of radical upheaval in every aspect of British society during the early decades of the nineteenth century, Morgan’s Rise is an intricately woven tale of contrasts and tensions: progress and the past, ambition and hardship, cruelty and enduring love.

Morgan's Rise vividly brings to life the pioneers of steam locomotion, the widening divide between rich and poor, the conflict between modern scientific inquiry and traditional religious thought, and the pressure in the country for long-overdue political reform. Against this background of revolutionary change, young Evan Morgan, a twenty-year-old ironworker from South Wales, begins his rise to notability.

The use of actual historical figures – in particular, Edward Copleston, William Buckland, George Stephenson and Friedrich List – lends verisimilitude to the story, the episodes of which are always both true to character and sympathetically drawn. The inner story, however, concerns Evan’s wife, her determined struggle against social injustice and her friendship with Evan’s boyhood friend, Bob.

Lapham's meticulously researched first novel graphically illustrates the harshness of early Victorian times. Its cleverly constructed plot demonstrates a clear understanding that the future, like the present, is shaped and moulded by the past.

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