Masculinity Lost - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

Masculinity Lost - The Way Of Man in Modern World
by Nolan Pierce

Masculinity is much-sought by many men at present. It has undergone considerable changes or evolutions for many centuries, causing confusion and various other troubles for numerous men. Through this book, you’ll better understand your role as a man in modern society. The comprehension of your true identity as a man is crucial to the identification of possible societal contributions. Although masculinity is a broad concept, its essence can be simplified. This book is a tangible proof of its simplification, making it easier for each and every man—or even woman—to see the current roles of men. Women have achieved and have been granted a greater degree of importance in society.

The rise of women has significantly impacted the definition of masculinity. Fortunately, the concept can still be redefined and the status of men redeemed. Not many realize that many men also need life-coaching. With the strong notion that “it’s the women’s turn,” many male roles are put aside, endangering the essence of masculinity. This book will help you get out of the sea of confusion and into the clarity of manhood. Downloading this book can be considered as the first step to identifying your role and potential in a world increasingly dominated by women. The age of men has not ended. It simply co-exists with the modern belief of gender equality. You are not beneath women, but neither should you dismiss the fact that women are important. As a genuinely masculine individual, it’s time to fully explore and embrace your identity in the 21st century.

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