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Known Afterlife (The Provider Trilogy, Volume One) 
by Trey Copeland

On the utopian world called the Provider, the Deagron Maker waits for destiny.

10,000 years ago, the deagrons reigned supreme. If left unchecked, the alien creatures’ insatiable hunger for the life giving Source was certain to obliterate the Provider. Forced to the brink of extinction, man discovered the power to shift the Source, spawning the first race, known then and now, as Guardians. Emergence of the Guardians turned the tide in the fight for survival, vanquishing the Deagron Maker and its spawn, ending thousands of years of unabated carnage. Or so it is believed, for it is recorded in the Deeds.

In the 6,000 years that followed, Citizens attained enlightenment, reincarnating as one of the four races- Guardian, Shifter, Healer or Mystic- and living the Certain Way as decreed by their beloved deity and planet: the Provider. As a present day Guardian, Steffor's role in society remains that of protector, defending Citizens from, while mundane in comparison to the deagrons, the inherent dangers associated with life in perpetual wilderness, coexisting with a myriad of lethal predators. When not serving as a resident hero, Steffor spends his time training for the Dive. Having finally qualified for this year's championship, manifesting his future fame is close at hand. That is, if it were not for the events, long in the coming, manifesting a different future for Steffor and his peaceful society. A future in direct lockstep with destiny.

On Antium, a world ruled by the ancient and merciless Church of Salvation, humankind has all but lost the will to grow, to dream, to aspire for a transcendent existence. Armed with the motive, the technology and the capital means, Stalling Alterian and his cadre of gifted conspirators lead a fertile insurrection against the global theocracy. Committed to saving their society, or die trying, the crucial and final phase of their clandestine mission only moments away from completion, Stalling discovers a fatal error in his calculations that threatens to destroy it all. Absent of any solution and the enemy rapidly closing in, can Stalling impose his technological miracle onto humanity before the noose pulls tight?

Stalling and Steffor inhabit different worlds, yet they are connected. Together, but unbeknownst to one of them, they race towards an inevitable, if unimaginable collision.

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