How to Soothe Yourself During Mild Depression - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

How to Soothe Yourself During Mild Depression (How to feel good series)
by Claire Sewell

How To Soothe Yourself During Mild Depression

You will feel empowered by using simple self-help techniques to treat mild depression and anxiety naturally

Beyond being a temporary illness that responds well to treatment, depression highlights the areas of stress and anxiety in your life. Depression and anxiety often occur together. Discover how to cope with mild mental illness: depression and anxiety

Help for depression and recovery from depression comes from you and from others who care about you

For some people recovery may mean a complete return to previous levels of mental well-being. For others it may involve learning new healthy ways of coping with the remaining symptoms. By learning how to soothe yourself through your senses you are actively participating in your own recovery by adopting a proactive healing mindset. The tips inside this book include many natural techniques. Mental health recovery is possible.

Learn how to reframe CBT negative thoughts from depression

Using the basic CBT Reframing technique, you can decrease the intensity of your depression and anxiety by replacing negative thoughts with realistic, supportive thoughts.

Often it’s the little things that count

How to Soothe Yourself During Mild Depression is a short collection of supportive thoughts and activities prompting you to soothe yourself during the difficult moments of mild depression. Small changes can produce big results.

How To Soothe Yourself During Mild Depression is written with poor concentration in mind

This book has been widely acclaimed by workers within mental health, and by people currently experiencing mild depression. Its number one praise is that the book is easy to read, even if you’re in bed and can’t face going to work today. It is light reading, while acknowledging the seriousness of mild depression. You will find tips you can do while you’re in bed and not able to do your normal activities. For example one tip is: Open the windows in your bedroom – it will let in the sounds of the neighborhood, like children playing, lawns being mown. It can act as a connection to the outside world and provide you with fresh air.

How to cope with self-harming thoughts

Self-soothing asks you to accept rather than fight your feelings. The energy that you have been using to fight your feelings/ symptoms can now be redirected into self-soothing thoughts and actions. It is important to avoid intense mental arguments with yourself, particularly if you are experiencing self-harming thoughts. It is more helpful to see such intense thoughts as a signal that you urgently need to comfort yourself and get additional support.

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