Generation Youtube - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

Generation Youtube: Breaking Down Social Media
by Deborah Bravandt 

Do you like to laugh? Do you want more humor in your life? Are you a Speaker, Life Coach, Trainer, Multi-Level Marketer, Realtor, Business Manager, or Teenager who is struggling to find something funny to say? Do you look stiff, dry, and dull in front of your clients, friends, or co-workers? Are your board meetings boring? Do you wish you had the skills of a stand-up comedian? You can learn how to deliver a joke by learning from digital media and its followers!

It’s time to break out into laughter by breaking down the best social media and its feedback. This book is a source of fresh ideas for speeches, presentations, coaching, and daily conversations. It pulls material from real online conversations that are a compilation of the most entertaining, hilarious anecdotes and feedback about popular, viral videos. The source of these funny comments is Generation Youtube.

Who is Generation Youtube? They are savvy, social media experts as young as twelve-year-olds to thirty-year-olds who are open-minded, close-minded, intelligent, under educated, funny, serious, capable, and visionary. They are the rising generation of consumers who know what they like and do not like. Honesty is the policy that they strictly follow.

For example, one Generation Youtuber gives advice to Justin Bieber in the comments section of his latest music video. His advice is this, “Let me tell you something, Mr. I-don't-want-a-pet-monkey-if-I-have-to-fill-out-papers. There is more to being famous than just getting everything your way. Do the world a favor and GROW UP.” Another says of Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball song, “She is completely mental... but that being said... a good song is a good song.”

One Generation Youtuber gives advice to a frustrated Alec Baldwin caught in a Paparazzi frenzy. “He should try meditation. It would help him deal with these situations.” When another Generation Youtuber boy is confused as to why lesbians dress like men, a Generation Youtuber girl responds with, “FOR GODDSAKES, READ A BOOK!!”

Generation Youtube is no different than you or me except for their brashness, their need to communicate their beliefs, and their lack of fear. This is a book about beliefs and how those beliefs form buying decisions, whether to buy into a celebrity, a car, a TV show, a career, a thought process, or a concept.

If you want to be entertained for hours while learning something about your core audience, how people think, social media, channel branding, and making people laugh, this is the book for you. It de-mystifies the idea that all people worship celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, or Charlie Sheen while giving some understanding as to why people feel intoxicated by their celebrity status.

For the sake of easier reading, I corrected misspelled words but left slang words intact. I kept all the comments in their raw state, meaning that I did not delete swear words nor did I fix grammatical errors or add punctuation if it was missing. These comments are real just as the contributors are real.

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