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Dogs of Orninica
by Daniel Unedo

Millennia ago, the humans departed Earth, leaving behind their loyal canine companions. Today, the dogs have evolved to become the dominant species on Earth. Their greatest nation, Orninica, has fully embraced the lessons left by man and built towering concrete metropolises patrolled by all-seeing drones and fueled by the military industrial complex.

Their major religion is built on the back of Batman comic books unearthed in the ruins of a human basement centuries ago, transcribed, and then lost. The world has embraced social technology with open arms and virtually everyone wears an iYglass device everywhere they go, while big-budget dreams (with commercials) are beamed to their headsets as they sleep.

The unceasing quest for profit has taken this vast empire to the brink of collapse, and now in its waning days, the leaders of the nation’s affluent corporations make a desperate effort to begin a new war, hoping to stimulate the economy and keep the wealthy elite in power for another day. Unfortunately, the only enemy they have left to wage war on is a nation of primitive nomads with no advanced weaponry. The leaders of the free world must now concoct a plan to arm the simple savages and ensure a long, profitable war.

This satirical spoof of modern day America is made up of a collection of correspondences from every corner of society, including a corrupt judge, an outspoken actor, a revolutionary, a debt-ridden mother, a banker, a spy, a peeping police officer, a soldier and a professor. These accounts cover the three-month period leading to the historical find that would change the nation of Orninica forever.

Sixty-thousand words, first person narrative with elements of social commentary, comedy, dystopian sci-fi, anarchist fiction, media-manipulation, surveillance-culture, whistle-blowing, the new world order and the occupy Wall Street movement.

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