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Cool Japan: A Guide to Tokyo, Kyoto, Tohoku and Japanese Culture Past and Present (Museyon Guides) 
by Sumiko Kajiyama

Explore the heart of Japanese culture with this three-part travel guide. First, visit Kyoto, where you will discover 1,000 years of history from the ancient love story the Tale of Genji to the traditional tea ceremony. Then head to Tokyo to experience Japan’s cutting-edge capital, where the 21st-century kawaii culture collides with landmarks like the Kabuki-za Theater and the Imperial Palace. For a different perspective, venture outside the city to the seaside towns of Tohoku, the region largely affected by the 2011 tsunami disaster. Written by local expert Sumiki Kajiyama and illustrated in lively animation style, this book introduces readers to Japan’s national heroes and must-see places from a uniquely Japanese perspective. Informative, entertaining and useful, Cool Japan is an ideal introduction for any traveler looking for a deeper understanding of Japanese culture, past and present.

Newly released

Cool Japan is a new Japan guidebook came out for the first time in a totally new format. Written by a Japanese expert Sumiko Kajiyama, the book is consist of three parts; Tokyo, Kyoto and Tohoku. Each region is colorfully illustrated with tons of photos, and the Tohoku chapter, covering the areas largely affected by the 2011 tsunami disaster, is uniquely presented in-depth with tourist landmarks, regional culture and tips. The book approaches the destinations for the first-time travelers, those who look for cultural experience and even experienced travelers looking for surprises. Cool Japan has been published by Museyon Guides (ISBN 978-0-9846334-5-6).

Not an Ordinary Travel Guide to Japan

Visiting well-kept, centuries-old landmarks while enjoying super-modern technology and kitsch pop culture––traveling around Japan is like traveling through time. COOL JAPAN: A Guide to Tokyo, Kyoto, Tohoku and Japanese Culture Past and Present, written by Sumiko Kajiyama, delves into each era and issue from a unique perspective. The ancient city of Kyoto is viewed from the perspectives of popular Japanese heroes, including Hikaru Genji (the protagonist of Murasaki Shikubu’s eleventh-century novel, The Tale of Genji), Oda Nobunaga (a sixteenth-century warlord who introduced innovative cultural concepts and governing systems), and Sakamoto Ryoma (a reformer at the dawn of Japan’s modernization in the mid-nineteenth century). The Tokyo section of the guide, however, presents a contrast between the traditional and futuristic elements of the city. The book also features the Tohoku region, which is often disregarded in guidebooks for foreign tourists, although it is historically and culturally rich. The region is described with an emphasis on its ancient aristocratic culture, poetry, and folklore. With 470 color photos, 17 color maps, and more than 170 listings for tourist attractions, COOL JAPAN is a great travel guide, but it is also a wonderful introduction to Japanese history and culture.

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