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All About Knights: A Kid's Book About Knights, Chivalry, Swords, Horses and More! (History Alive! Series)
by Christopher Lord

Does your kid love everything about the Medieval world of knights?

Sit down with them and learn the exciting world of what it was to be a knight in the Middle Ages. Explore this world in full color pictures and illustrations throughout, including several images from rich Medieval manuscripts.

A rich and entertaining learning experience for middle graders and up!

This book is targeted for all kids in Grade 6 and up, who love to read about this enchanting part of European history. Or, help younger readers learn words like equestrian and hauberk. They will discover where this mightiest of the warrior class came from and the years of training it took to become a knight. They would start as a page, graduate to a squire and finally be elevated to full knighthood as an adult.

Your child will learn:

* The knighting ceremony
* Chivalry, what it consisted of and where it came from
* weapons such as swords, the lance and the mace
* types of armour and shields, including the special names
* horses, including the type of horse every knight wanted to own
* jousting and tournaments

You will also learn the lives of famous knights, including King Richard the Lionheart, Jacques de Molay, last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, and Ulric, the German warrior poet who literally wrote the book on chivalric romance and deeds.

Images are specially formatted so your child can delve deep into the world of knights, viewing actual Medieval scenes of jousting, castles, honorable knights in full regalia, weapons practice and damsels looking on in admiration. Also included are Victorian paintings bringing to life the splendor and majesty of this lost world.

Author Christopher Lord, with a degree in Medieval History and two kids of his own, brings this magically and often mythical world to life!

Available for a special price on Kindle, children and adults both can enjoy reading about the life of a knight, and what it meant to be the mightiest and most noble warrior in the land.

*** Your child will love this book - we guarantee it! ***

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