Work Misery To Work Joy - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

Work Misery To Work Joy (Happy Is As Happy Does) 
by Paulina Giao

Do you hate going to work? Are you stuck in a job you hate? Are you unhappy and can’t wait for Friday or the holidays? Are your colleagues or boss driving you crazy and making your life a misery? Are you eating humble pie because you are afraid of losing your job? If so than this book is for you.

WORK MISERY TO WORK JOY is an inspirational self-help guide that will help you to help yourself. You will learn to deal with difficult people as well as difficult work situations. No one will push your buttons after this, as you simply won’t react the way you used to. You will learn that it isn’t necessary to suffer any more.

Your working life will never be the same as you will be a changed person, one that is empowered and self-confident and knows their own self worth. You will respect, appreciate and be kind to yourself. People will not use you as a doormat anymore as they will know you wont stand for it.

You will learn to deal with stress the intelligent way. The stress that used to run your working life will become nothing more than what stress is supposed to be, a survival instinct. The fear that used to subtly plague you will dissipate and turn to laughter and joy.

Boredom and apathy will become your past while motivation and recognition are your bright new future. Focus will be much easier and will lead you on the road to success while having fun will become the new order of your working day.

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