What do I do? - Guest Post from Author Cassandra Smith

“What do I do?” 

Sending a lifeline to struggling millennials

When Miley Cyrus performed at the VMA’s she created uproar. Davion Only stood up in a Baptist church in Florida, asking families to adopt him because he just wanted someone to love him.  Amanda Todd took her life after publically posting her life story on YouTube in the Autumn of 2012.

Our Nation’s headlines often give us a sense of helplessness. Stories surround us. And we wonder, “What went wrong?” “How could someone so sweet do….” “Where are those kids’ parents?” We see the plight of a generation which is struggling. Sometimes, we can feel just as lost as the kids who ask us that all familiar question, “What do I do?”

I encountered my own firsthand frustration from crisis counseling I have done as a youth worker. And I admit, I always felt unprepared. I wasn’t ready for students to confess their addiction to pornography, that they had purged thirty times that day, that they were brutally abused. I faced a sharp learning curve to know what phone numbers to call, when I needed police or legal involvement, if I was allowed to call CYS, or what to do when I made an ER run at midnight. I felt the weight of wondering if I was doing what is right, and if I was helping, hurting, or even making a difference. I wanted to rescue, to love, to show a way to freedom, to be there for these students all while hopefully pointing them to Jesus. But the truth is- real life doesn’t always have movie endings. It’s easy to ask yourself, “What do I do?” and draw a blank.

Yet, there are those who want to engage in the battle for young people. And that is what matters. It is the times that I have sat with students, which has made the difference. It is the time that I went with them to the police station, the doctors, the confrontation with boyfriends, the meetings and moments - that defined their life.

Students facing crisis need stability, nurture, and wise counsel. All of these things overflow from mentorship and positive influence. While a crisis student can be demanding – sitting with them in that time is important.

Next, knowing your resources is vital. While we can provide help, many students need professional care for specific situations. Knowing who to call and when is half of the battle. For a more detailed list of Crisis Resource Guides look here.

For me, I got to a point where I knew I needed to do more than only sit with them, and only learn – I needed to get involved in a bigger way. This led me to writing my first book, “Letters to God: Diary of an Unsilenced Generation.”

I wrote it with you, fellow reader, in mind.

I know that many adults and concerned youth workers want to reach out – but often feel at a loss of what to do. All I can do is share my story, share the resources which have helped me, and point you towards Truth.

“Letters to God” is a compilation of handwritten notes from teenagers across America, sharing their stories in their own words, matched with issue specific resource guides for those of us who also wonder, “What do I do?” To celebrate the books National release, “Letters to God” is free on Amazon Kindle February 13-15th. Click Here to download for Free.

The next time you are faced with your own question of “What to do” join us at www.LetterstoGodMovement.com . Perhaps we can all learn together, and find ways to answer that question together.

For information on “Letters to God: Diary of an Unsilenced Generation” go to the Author’s site at www.LetterstoGodMovement.com or connect on Twitter @ProjectRestored

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