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Turn Your Text to Audio with Audacity
by Joe Oye 

Audacity audio editing program is free, the number of free and paid text-to-speech (TTS) services on the Internet continues to grow rapidly and alongside these are the skyrocketing needs for audio content.
Voice recording, to a great extent, has become less techy.

Do-it-yourself audio home recording by narrators, game developers, therapists, teachers, coaches, trainers, info-marketers, podcasting enthusiasts, the verbally challenged persons, individuals who feel uncomfortable with their recorded voice, etc., has also become prevalent.

But the situation brought up by the above facts does not imply that either direct audio recording or text-to-speech processing is easily come by.

Using TTS services online and using TTS software installed on computers have subjected many users to noticeable annoyances.

The topmost challenge is poor quality of audio outputs.

Other distasteful encounters – regarding free online TTS services in particular - include:

Non-commercial use of output.
Demo-only services
Limited number of words to convert to audio at a time.
Email signing-up and signing in and waiting for the outputs to arrive in the inbox.
Non-availability of various virtual readers.
Embedded ads.
Inability to control the speaking rate and pitch.

Truly, the encounters still cause serious frustrations for many users.

But in this web century (when there are apps and plug-ins for considerable number of things done online), text-to-speech processing shouldn’t be as intimidating as it has been for so many people. It shouldn’t, at least...

…with the simple system now made handy to help you trample those nuisances to the point of creating quality audio content from your text.

Introducing the Kindle article: TURN YOUR TEXT TO AUDIO WITH AUDACITY…

Personal, business or fun; I don’t know why you need audio content from your text. For me, TTS voice recording has become a tool of trade for my audio dialogue production project. In fact, the TTS system being shared with you here has really been the pivot for that project. Equally, it has been the power behind the TTS projects of many other people.

I determinedly explored what it should take to get a zero-budget, simple but quality-producing text-to-speech system for my project. I was successful in discovering the tools which I put together to create the exact system that I envisaged.

The system is now my favorite text-to-speech system which I, as anticipated, use on zero-budget.

If you want TOTALLY FREE use of a TTS system that will ultimately fetch you audio outputs with natural human inflection and speaking rate, come along with me to using Audacity software to create quality TTS content. It does not matter whether you want to do that in your home recording studio or while you're on the go.

The Kindle article “TURN YOUR TEXT TO AUDIO WITH AUDACITY” shares with you all what you need, where to find them and how to couple them together – using Audacity and just one web-page. With it, you will be able to create DIY quality text-to-voice recording for your needs.

The step by step instructions provided in the Kindle article will get you up and running in producing the audio content that you want in a simple, quick and free way using only your PC or Mac as hardware; no mic, no headphone - just your text, Google Chrome and the free and popular Audacity audio editing software.

Just follow the tutorial provided. In less than half an hour, you will couple the system and will get your first audio product from it!

Though the steps to be followed are not presented Mac-wise, Mac users will find the system useful with the Mac versions of Audacity software and Google Chrome.

To enjoy this text-to-speech recording system...


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