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Toucher of Thoughts, Seer of Secrets 
by Jim Cardoza

Thirteen-year–old orphan, Wele Acquino doesn’t know how he reads minds or how he teleports his eye and ear to see and hear things through walls. His doctors in Denver say he has a brain infection and should be sick and maybe even die, but Wele feels fine. Neither Wele nor his doctors know that his brain is infected with an experimental virus.

A powerful Pentagon general desperately needs a mind reader. Details of an imminent terrorist attack are locked up in a dying operative’s damaged brain. But when government agents come for Wele, he uses his special powers to escape and goes on the run with his only ally, Gina Tang, a young woman suffering a severe psychosis.

A million lives are at stake, but if Wele surrenders to government agents he could lose his freedom forever. With Gina’s help, he must find a way to stop the terrorists while maintaining his freedom by outsmarting both military and medical personnel.

Toucher of Thoughts, Seer of Secrets is a medical science fiction thriller. It is a story of camaraderie, sacrifice, betrayal, and personal growth.

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