Tooth Decay - Free Kindle Non-Fiction

Tooth Decay: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment and Cures-How to prevent and treat cavities in babies, teens and the elderly
by DR INSERTO DMD and Ashley Rosebloom

Tooth Decay Symptoms, Causes, Prevention, Treatment and Cures

Written by: DR. INSERTO, DMD

Tooth Decay is one of the leading causes of tooth loss. Once an infection is present in a tooth, it spreads into the surrounding tissues and causes problems. If identified early, a simple bacterial invasion can be remedied by a dental filling. If the problem is allowed to progress, the infection may spread and wreak havoc in the mouth, eventually leading to the loss of the affected tooth. This book works as a perfect weapon against tooth decay: it is your introduction to this disease, designed to help you fight against it.

Within this book you will find the answers to these questions:

What is tooth decay?
What are the symptoms of tooth decay?
What causes cavities?

You will also learn how to prevent, stop, treat, cure and reverse tooth decay in:

The Elderly

This book aims to help increase your awareness about how to properly preserve the teeth in your mouth. Combating tooth decay is not easy, but it is not an impossible endeavor if you know what steps to take.

Page after page you will gain insight on tooth decay and increase your chances of maintaining your oral health. Although indirectly, the most valuable benefits of reading this book include the following:

Smile Preservation: Do you enjoy your smile? Your pearly whites do not just exist in your mouth for nothing; their presence allows you to smile comfortably and proudly. A complete set of teeth is an important part of human attraction. People must make an effort to save their teeth by observing good oral hygiene practices.

Your efforts to avoid tooth decay can help maintain the beauty of your smile.

Speech: While speech is not necessarily dependent on teeth, there are certain sounds and words that can only be properly pronounced when all teeth are present.

Examples of those sounds are those formed with the following letters: C, D, F, L, S, T and Z. Take care of your teeth to avoid compromising your speech.

Effective Nourishment and Food Assimilation: Teeth are very important for chewing. The food you eat is broken down into smaller fragments by your teeth before it is swallowed and moved down the digestive tract. Losing your front teeth will mean a decrease in the cutting and piercing ability of your mouth; losing the posterior teeth will mean compromising your ability to chew food and make it easier to swallow.

Stability of Your Bite and Health of Your TMJ: The presence of teeth, especially the set of posterior teeth, maintains the integrity of a person's bite. Losing a few teeth in the posterior area will compromise the bite, allowing it to collapse. This will cause some teeth to shift, causing further changes to the mouth. All these changes affect the TMJ, the joint between the jaw and the skull.

Facial Integrity and Maintenance of Youth: Apart from just maintaining your bite and the health of your TMJ, your facial structures, including your muscles and skin, are dependent on the stability of your bite. If your oral health is compromised, your bite may collapse, causing facial structures to collapse in turn, giving the appearance of old age.

The Role of Dental Disease in Health Maintenance: Many studies reveal that there is a correlation between poor dental health and various health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity. The fight against tooth decay, therefore, is of particular importance, because you are no longer just trying to prevent oral problems, you are also trying to avoid various medical conditions.

When finished, you'll understand tooth decay:

1. Symptoms

2. Treatment

3. Prevention

4. Causes

You'll also know what causes cavities and how to prevent them through:

1. Proper teeth care

2. Maintaining the correct

3. Visiting the dentist

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