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Tips On Prayer: A Quickstart Guide To Improving Your Prayer Life, 2nd Edition

by John Arnold

Tips On Prayer, 
The Quickstart Guide to Improving Your Prayer Life 
(2nd Edition, Revised and Expanded) 

Prayer doesn't have to be hard. Do you wish you knew how to pray better, so you could have a better relationship with God? If so, Tips On Prayer is a playbook of actionable steps to help you improve your prayer life immediately. 

John Arnold has been researching and teaching people how to prayer for over 20 years.He has taken those years of experience and gleaned the best of the best practices and put them into an easy to follow guide. You can spend hours of reading prayer books by great writers, such as, Richard Foster, Phillip Yancey, Dallas Willard, and Thomas Kelly, or you can get just what you need to know and start improving your prayer life right now. 

Learning to pray doesn't have to take hours of reading. You can likely read "Tips On Prayer" in under and hour and immediately start applying easy to implement strategies. 

Tips On Pray is a game-changing book. Why? John Arnold breaks down having a vibrant prayer life into just five "pillars" of life-changing prayer. Then he systematically shares the most effective strategies for strengthening each of these pillars. 

No fluff or esoteric theory. Tips On Prayer is just the raw information you need to start praying better immediately. Here is just a little of what you'll discover: 

The 3-fold formula of praise David used and you can use for greater intimacy with God. 
How to create your own custom prayer routine, tailored to overcome your weaknesses 
10 tips to eradicating fatigue, so you can stop falling asleep and start paying attention during prayer. 
A sure-fire technique to always remember a prayer promise and never feel guilty again for forgetting. 
How to integrate prayer into your daily life, so you can move past knowing how to pray and into living prayerfully. 
3 step-by-step proven prayer models that will remove wondering about how you 'should' pray. 
And much, much more. 

Lastly, Tips On Prayer removes the guesswork for anyone desiring a deeper, more intimate relationship with God. If you are brand new to prayer, you will get equipped to build a rock-solid foundation for your daily devotional time. If you are a prayer veteran, you'll gain a fresh perspective on how to evaluate your prayer life and then systematically put together an action plan to improve it. 

Remember, there is more actionable information in this small ebook than you'll probably get reading a dozen other prayer books. It truly is a complete prayer manual that you can go to over and over again to improve your prayer life. The strategies inside it are all ones that have helped other people experience the power of praying more effectively. 

Furthermore, this second edition has over 30% more content than the much beloved original version. John Arnold has taken the instruction to a whole new level by including instructions on the often neglected practice of praying with others in small groups plus several other new invaluable tips. 

So, now is the time to stop waiting for your prayer life to get better. If how you pray isn't changing your, then it's time to change your prayer. Take action and start praying better today with "Tips On Prayer, The Quickstart Guide To Improving Your Prayer Life." Get your copy now.

Tips On Prayer Reviews

This gem should be a must read for any one experiencing stress, change, or desiring growth both spiritual and personal. Anna Fussell

John's hit a home-run in bringing this material to a thirsty world in need of spiritual healing. - Joey Haentzler

This book has opened a whole new door in my life for the instruction and enjoyment of prayer. - Sadak

Meet John Arnold

To begin with, I am passionately devoted to making growth in the Christian faith as practical as I possibly can make it. That's been the driving force behind my ministry over the past 20 years of pastoring various churches, as well as, the passion that drove me to create the blog, almost 6 years ago.

I had a passionate desire to deeply connect to God beginning sometime in High School. That passion literally took me from monasteries to mountain tops. Hundreds of hours of workshops, retreats and books later, I realized that nothing teaches someone better to pray than prayer. So, I wanted to write a book that could take all of the best practices I had found and condense the learning curve around those best practices as small as possible. The result was my first ebook, "Tips On Prayer, The Quickstart Guide to Daily Improving Your Prayer Life."

When I am not dreaming or writing about how to help people live life better you will most likely catch me spending time with my wife and co-pastor, Rev. Dr. Susan Arnold and/or my two awesomely funny and talented children Matthew and Ruth. (You guys rock--Woot! Woot! for team Arnold.) We love performing in local theater together, hiking around outdoors, roller-skating, skeet shooting and whatever mess of fun we can dream up. That...and we laugh a lot, a whole lot.

I am also the Chief Inspiration Officer (Isn't that the coolest title ever?) of The 7 Minute Life, Inc. Which is just another excuse for me to dream and write about helping people live better lives. We're working hard to knock down some really faulty thinking people have about time management and replace it with honest to goodness tools that help you Do Less and Be More at work and home. You should check us out if you're tired of feeling busy all the time ready to love your life.

Well, that's a really nutshell version of me.

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