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The Workaholics Cure: How To Cure Your Workaholism And Work Addiction For Good (Workaholism, Workaholics)
by Lisa Scott

Are your friends and family angry because you can’t tear yourself away from work?

Do hours at the office take precedence over family?

Is the first thing on your mind in the morning and the last thing at night centered on your job?

There are times when focus has to be on a job, but when it starts taking over your every waking moment you might be suffering from a work addiction! Yes, you can become addicted to work. You might think “What could be wrong with that?” The problem is that it can easily spiral into a condition called Workaholism. If you suffer from:
Need for constant activities at work
Poor performance
Get stressed or anxious about job
Have obsessive thoughts about your job
Work constantly, yet never seem to complete anything

Eve was asked by her boss to handle the 6 new case files for new clients to the law firm. She knew that her schedule was already booked, but she felt powerless to say no. It was nearing the end of the day and she knows the boss will be furious when he finds out she didn’t get the work done. She puts her head in her hands and panic washes over her.

The compulsion to take on more than you can handle can bring about serious bouts of anxiety and depression. Download this book NOW and see how to get a handle on this!

It is NOT always about being:
Good at your job
Favored employee
Recognized and rewarded

These are all important things for good employees, but we are talking about a drive that gets you in way over your head and you end up disappointing everyone around you, MOST of all yourself. Getting workaholic help and solutions can be tough. Not everyone understands what you are dealing with.

This book will present realistic how-to workaholic steps and strategies that will help you break free of this nightmare! Imagine not having to feel like a work addict anymore. You can enjoy time with friends and family MORE when you don’t feel over worked.

Quit settling for the life of a workaholic. Download this book and get your REAL life back TODAY!

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