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The Unseen Depression Cure: Expose Society's Hidden Influence on Behavior and Cure Depression Forever (Developed Life Health and Wellness Series, Stop Depression, Depression Help, Depression Books) 
by Cyrus Thomson 

The Unseen Depression Cure: A Way to Stop Depression (NOTE: YOU DON’T NEED A KINDLE TO READ KINDLE BOOKS! Just check your virtual cloud on the Amazon site!)

Hello my friend,

My name is C.K. Thomson, and I’ve committed a massive amount of time to understanding the phenomenon of depression. My realization is that “unseen” societal forces influence our behavior and promote feelings of depression that we sometimes don’t even realize. It has become my task, as a lifestyle coach, to help stop depression in its tracks by recognizing the spiritual, social and emotional crises that precipitate it.

A lot of other programs fail to work as a proper depression cure because they do not address the forces in western culture that enable the disease. For instance, it’s possible to medicate the illness away, or overcome the emotional pains that initiated it, but continuing to participate in a system that places the wrong value on the sources of happiness will only enable depression’s return.

This Book Constitutes Depression Help in a Way That Hasn’t Been Done Before

If depression is a reoccurring illness, this program is designed to help you identify what cultural influences and lifestyle choices may be antagonizing your negative thoughts.

Here is some of the results you can experience through this program:

Learn about the signs and symptoms of depression to help you understand the nature of the illness.

You will become educated about how materialism damages self-esteem and may create a perpetual cycle of depression.

You will learn how to create feelings of happiness independent of material pursuits, the opinions of other people, or that are dependent on any single source.

You will be able to identify the nature of existential conflicts that might be enabling negative thought patterns.

You will learn about how diet and nutrition affects the mood.

You will discover the nature of how topics of mortality, death and existence can be shaped into a more positive frame of mind.

If You’re Wondering What’s Inside, Here’s a Preview of Some of What You’ll Discover

Theories of Depression’s Origin

Chemical and Emotional Causes of Depression

Natural and Pharmaceutical Options to Stop Depression

The Crisis of Self Worth

Society’s Fixation on Youth and Beauty

The Health Crisis

The Importance of Sunlight, Exercise

The Existential Crisis

The Feeling of a Lack of Purpose

Anger and Resentment About One’s Lifestyle / Career

The Societal Crisis

The Dangers of Materialism

Fear of Death, Thanatophobia, and the Solutions

And a Lot More!

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