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The Quarterback (Michael Gallagher Mystery Series)
by Patrick Hurley

On the night of the league championship game, after NFL quarterback Sonny Wade leads his team to a berth in the Super Bowl, he and his fiancée vanish into the night and no one has seen them since.

Homicide detective Mike Gallagher, the last person who saw Sonny Wade teams up with colorful Detective Leo Cannoli of the Los Angeles Police Department to find out if the league’s MVP is alive or dead. As Gallagher and his partner investigate, they soon realize there are several individuals who have a reason to kidnap or kill the popular athlete.

These people include, a mafia crime boss who has placed millions of dollars in wagers against Sonny’s team, Wade’s ruthless agent, the ex-girlfriend who wants to stop Sonny’s upcoming marriage, the backup quarterback who has no hope of playing as long as the superstar is on the team, the team owner who wants revenge for his violated daughter, his future father-in law who does not want Sonny in his family and Wade’s jealous older brother who is resentful of all the attention Sonny receives from his adoring parents.

In addition, Gallagher must consider the possibilities that Wade voluntarily disappeared or that he took his own life. There is no easy solution here.

“The Quarterback” is not a football story but a tale of power, jealousy, greed, revenge and evil. As a read, it is a page-turning and a plot twisting mystery with unpredictable characters for readers who love clever endings.

Where is Sonny Wade?

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